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Cultural Safari Tours and Bird Watching in Rajasthan's Tal Chhapar


birding in desert national park
  • Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
  • Wildlife Sanctuary Rajasthan
Tal Chhapar

A Birdwatching Paradise

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A wealth of sought-after bird species

Watch and photograph birds like Indian Spotted Creeper, Yellow-eyed Pigeon, Bonelli's Eagle, and more, with guided tours to Tal Chhapar sanctuary

Guided cultural safari tours

Learn more about the rich culture and traditions of local communities with guided village walks to make your Tal Chhapar experience richer.


Customizable birdwatching tours

Customize your birdwatching visit here according to your interests and requirements. Our team will gladly help you effectively plan your birding visit.


A holiday created specially for you!

Have a specific requirement that needs to be filled? Our expert team will specially handcraft the perfect Tal Chhapar experience for you!

Bump up your birdwatching life list!

Our team of amazing experts, whether on the ground or in the office, works hard to ensure that you get to see the birds that you're targetting!

Customize your Tal Chhapar experience

Whatever your interests, time constraints, or budget, our range of highly customizable tours means that there is a perfect Garhwal visit for everyone!

Where To Stay? Great Eco-lodges To Fit Budget

Strategic accommodations are used that 'Give Back'

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Blackbuck safaris in Tal Chhapar

Explore the rich wildlife of this arid habitat, from the magnificent Blackbuck, to the hard-to-spot desert specialist birds

Expert guidance from our on-ground team

Guided birdwatching, safaris, photography in wildlife-rich Tal Chhapar Blackbuck Sanctuary are perfect for birders, photographers, and wildlife lovers

Create meaningful memorable experiences

From village visits to city tours, a variety of fantastic experiences can be added to your birding tour package to perfecly balance your visit here.


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