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Big Cat Safaris, Photography and More Experiences Await You In Nagzira

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A Jewel in Central India

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A wealth of biodiversity

Apart from tigers, Nagzira is home to a wealth of other wildlife, including a rich diversity of mammals, a wide array of birds, and other fauna

Relatively Leisurely Wildlife Viewing

Enjoy a leisurely but experience-rich experience as you explore the forests, flora and fauna of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Explore with the Experts

Our expert tour leaders will not only share their amazing knowledge with you but also help you get the best photos and sightings of the rich wildlife

Our wildlife tours are responsible

Our expert planning ensures that your visit to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a responsible and ethical visit, reducing your impact

Expert guidance from our team

Our expert tour leader will be accompanying you. Perfect for nature lovers, birdwatchers, photographers, and all types of ecotourists.

Create meaningful memorable experiences

From safaris to learning about culture, a variety of fantastic experiences await you in Nagzira to perfecly balance your visit here.

Talk To Us Or Go For A Set Tour - It Works!

Hand-crafted Bespoke Holidays Make A Difference!

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Amazing Wildlife in Nagzira

Nagzira's forests are home to a rich diversity of amazing flora and fauna, giving every nature lover an amazing experience here

Bump up your travel experience list!

Our team of amazing experts works hard to ensure that your tour to Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is enjoyable, hassle-free, and memorable

Benefit from our Expert Tour Leader

Our tour leaders will share their experience and knowledge of local biodiversity, as well as insights into local culture and traditions


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