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Panna Packages ideal for couples, and small groups. Jeep Safaris with expert guides

Wildlife Photography in Panna National Park
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How About A Bespoke Wildlife Safari?

We will help you select the best experiences in Panna National Park, that will be life-nuturing and memorable.

Safeguard Your Travel!

Stay in an Ecolodge and go for safaris - all sanitized following the norms. We'll take care of your safety while you enjoy the holiday.

Luxury Honeymoon Packge Or Economy?

Our team will suggest options that are with character, comfort, maximising your experience. You will enjoy wildlife options suiting your pocket.

Enhance Your Wildlife Experience

Discover and learn about the amazing wildlife of Panna National Park, from big cats to a rich variety of birds, reptiles, and much much more.

Your tour is responsible and sustainable

From contributing to citizen science initiatives like eBird, to our sustainable practices, Asian Adventures is finding ways to give back to nature.

Panna - History and Wildlife

Learn more about the history and culture of Panna, from picturesque gorges to amazing local traditions

Stay in a Sustainable Ecolodge

Naaharbagh welcomes you with open arms

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Discover a new world of sustainability

Naaharbagh honours the land and its people with responsible practices, making it the ideal safari lodge for the responsible ecotourist

Craft your dream Panna getaway

We promise you an enjoyable and memorable experience at Naaharbagh. Explore amazing wildlife, fascinating culture and more with our experienced team

How Do We Handcraft Your Visit to Panna?

Asian Adventures is an ethical tour company, giving honest advise and fair price. Schedule a call and we will churn out the best options.


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