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Kaziranga National Park

Situated on the Brahmaputra River, the Kaziranga National Park covers an area of about 430 sq. km. Its swamps and grasslands with tall thickets of elephant grass and patches of evergreen forest, support the largest number of rhino in the subcontinent.

It was an alarming depletion in their numbers, due to hunting and poaching that led to the conservation of this area in 1926. In 1940, Kaziranga was declared a sanctuary..

Herds of barasingha and wild buffalo are to be seen in the marshes. Rhinos browse unconcernedly as the visitors pass by and an occasional herd of elephants or wild boar is also sighted. The grasslands are raptor country and the crested serpent eagle, the Pallas fishing eagle and greyheaded fishing eagle can be seen circling over the marshes. The water-bird variety includes swamp partridge, bar-headed goose, whistling teal, the Bengal florican, storks, herons and even pelicans.

General Information

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Nearest town :
Bokakhat (23 km)

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Air :- Jorhat (84 km); 
Rail :- Guwahati;